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Forest Concessions

Forest Concessions

The Bamboo Trading Company working with an internationally renown energy company, has applied to rehabilitate large forest concessions with Arundinaria alpina on the Mau and the Aberdares.

The Bamboo Trading Company intends to make Arundinaria alpina into a new cash crop in Kenya.
Both forest concessions will be managed as wildlife conservancies.

Only 25% of a bamboo clump will be harvested in any given year, maintaining 75% with a permanent canopy. But all flowering bamboo will be removed - which would otherwise be lost.

The government of Kenya stands to gain from this commercial venture in a number of ways: Large areas of degrading forest will be returned to their former glory, providing valuable water catchment and wildlife habitat. Communities will be employed on each concession to plant, harvest and handle bamboo on a daily basis.

Communities that were destroying the forest will have and opportunity to earn a legitimate source of income.

by Dr. Radut.